Complaint Against a Service United States

Praesidus Watches

I ordered and paid for one of their watches on 10/3/2020. Here it is 12/4/2020 and still have not received it. Asking AGAIN about my order’s status, their customer service replied to my request on 11/27/2020 : “Given your order date, I can assure you that the dispatch team has already shipped the watch. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the team has been delayed in relaying the rest of the orders shipment details, including your tracking number. Please give us a few more days to get back to you.”

My order status on their website today (12/04/2020) states that my order is : “unfulfilled”.

While filing a dispute report with my bank, this comes up with the transaction description for Praesidus: TRANSACTION DATE:Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2020 MERCHANT LOCATION*HONG KONG NT MERCHANT CATEGORY:COMPUTER SOFTWARE STORES

The watch was going to be a Christmas gift for a veteran of Honor Flight I flew with, ,, if you purchase one, be prepared for a long, long wait. Qualities from the Greatest Generation are completely lost with Praesidus. A slick looking website might be impressive, but that doesn’t hold up when people begin to see how lacking they are in honesty. I’m in the process of attempting to get my payment refunded, no reply from Praesidus so far regarding my refund. Be careful and just do some searching, there are other models out there very similar to this, with much better customer service and interest in the consumer.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 390 5th Avenue, Suite 713
Phone (212) 564 8318