Complaint Against a Service United States

Pure Grow Farms CBD

I sent in for the “Free Trial” of their products. They then charged me $88.52 + $89.71 from some other shell SCAM company called and to the card used for shipping charges on the “Free Trial”. When you call the number from this scam website, if you’re lucky enough to get through, they will tell you that you agreed to pay this amount for an ongoing order and that they cannot refund you because you have already opened the products, so they can’t accept the return. Follow that? You will be charged for your “FREE” products unless you don’t open the “TRIAL” and “TRY” it.

Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, was told that all the supervisors were busy but that (to appease me), they will offer a one time refund of $60 for each of the charges, which still leaves them with $58.23 to keep. I explained that I never signed up for any ongoing order and that if there had been one, I would have called to cancel before whatever arbitrary deadline the operator was rattling on about. I advised her that I was looking forward to a FULL refund and that if I didn’t see one, I would be taking action.

Country United States
State Florida