Complaint Against a Service United States

Quarry Granite Countertops Ltd

I ordered five of what I thought were authentic Seresto Flea Collars from this online vendor that represented themselves as authorized Bayer Pet Supply dealers. The collars finally arrived and were in packaging that was identical to packages that I had previously purchased at a brick and mortar pet supply store. When I put the collars on two of our dogs they came off within a week. The previous collars were so secure that I had to cut them off with a wire cutting tool. These new collars were not as stout and the locking system was flimsy.

I called Bayer, told them that I was very dissatisfied and gave them the lot number of the collars and my purchasing informaton and was told that they were counterfeit since that lot number did not exist in their system. Sadly, the Bayer folks were not that concerned about the fake products. They offered to send a replacement collar but did little else when I told them that I had purchased 5 of these inferior collars. I called my credit card company and they were going to investigate and try to get my money back.

Country United States
State Alabama