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I purchased a few items feom Rainbow Shop in Auburn Mall in Alabama. I live in Georgia the next state over. After I purchased the items I sat down on a bench in the mall to fold my items since Leah just throw then in the bag like I was purchasing from a thrift shop. I notice the jacket I got had a lot of thread coming from it. I went back in the store to exchange it but there wasn’t anymore in my size. I went to get a refund and Leah said do you have your ID, I said yes but I believe she thiught I said no.. she quickly said well if you don’t have ID I can’t give you a refund, that’s when I said again yes I do. Her demeanor was horrible. She gave me this sheet to fill out while meanwhile she was looking pass me like I wasn’t there. She begin to put my information in while I know now she spelled my name wrong she didn’t ask a question or say a word to me but sign right here towards the end when she also said in a slick way I can’t give you any cash back I can only give you a gift card or store credit which the gift card is the same thing on this paper. I said I paid cash and I don’t live here, in my town we don’t have Rainbow. She looked at me like I don’t care when she said this is all I can do.. take it or leave it.
I would like someone to please contact me because I paid cash and I would like cash back and will not shop there ever again. I felt unwanted. [protected]
Stephanie Joachim


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