Complaint Against a Service United States

RESOLVED Florida Child Support Enforcement — Not performing their charter

In March, The Florida Department of Revenue was ordered by Sarasota County South Judge to watch this case closely. 30s late purge payment of 500.00 and no payment since that time. Its been 7 months and all the department of revenue can say is this is a hard case to enforce. We find it difficult to enforce? Let me see its called incarsaration. Give her some silver jewlery as in silver bracelets. They are in contempt and dont care at all. Jail time would be requested or demanded or a huge bond. The State Attorney is just as bad in sarasota. There is something called “Invoking the Dog law” its is basicly indirect criminal contempt. Jury trial and probation. Look up march 2000 The florida Bar page 64. Try getting your state attorney to prosicute.