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RESOLVED Joel Cheeves — truth be told

Joel Cheeves is not a deadbeat. He is a singer/song writer, successful in the music industry and a wonderful friend to have. Anyone who is around him long enough knows that Betsy Wallace is a jealous, spiteful person who just wants him so much she will stop at nothing to either get him back or destroy him.
Yes, he frequents the internet. Affording him the opportunity to network with individuals in the music industry throughout the world.
He preys on no one. He has a car, clothes, shoes and everything else because of his successful career.
He supports both of his children, whom he loves and adores. He has the luxury of a close, wonderful relationship with his eldest daughter. Her mother is a sensible, caring human being who believes her daughter should have a father, even if her mother and father are not a couple. If Betsy would allow Joel to spend time with his daughter, he would. It pains him so that her mother keeps distance between them. Joel loves his daughter so much, he avoids putting her in the drama caused by Betsy. Rather than have his child witness her mother’s cruel, insensitive behavior, and be a product of a negative environment, Joel chooses to put his daughter’s welfare first and has to remain at a distance to save his child. He would give anything to be able to spend time with her. In addition, Betsy has received support for her child from day one. So what a man got laid off and the child support came from unemployment. HE STILL PAID AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. Why doesn’t she allow him to see his child?
I don’t understand how she could post such negative, untrue things about a man who is so loved and adored.