Complaint Against a Service United States

RESOLVED Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton — stalking, defamation

None of my stalkers so called “victims” appear to actually give her much attention at all. I can’t find any blogs or forums where she is being talked about and hated on every day, yet I need to look no further than her website to see her constantly hating on others on a daily basis.

Her being “harassed” is imagined. She creates the scenario of all these people still harassing her. This is an example of how she views life in general. She mentally uglifies the world around her. This is how she chooses to envision things.

Much like Bonnie Combs, she labels everyone and everything as a pedophile, rapist, stalker, child abuser, cyberbully, drug addict, and so on. Her assumptions show a real contempt and hatred of humanity. She has no actual genuine friends or supporters based purely on the fact that she does not want them. She has had them before but she pushed them away because she’s paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone.

According to what has been said in the past, and I understand this is only a written account and I cannot verify what really happened… She used to dig up dirt on people she had as roommates and friends from an early age. Often in the form of private information and photographs. Right off the bat she was hostile to her so called friends, as if she already anticipated an impending exposure.

The hundreds of supporters she claims to have are of her sole creation. Just like the multiple “victims”, including that Haley lady she imagined up. People clearly disappoint her to the point where she willingly and purposely creates imaginary friends and supporters. She doesn’t want real people as friends. She rejects the real world. And she has been this way consistently for a very long time.

But is she too far gone? Is she a future statistic like Bonnie Combs? Or can she turn it around? I would love to see a happy ending. But I have zero say over the matter. I simply observe. I suspect I may be her only viewer or one of an extremely low number. But I doubt that will hinder her insistent determination to destroy other people out of envy. I can only hope she turns it around and doesn’t become another Bonnie Combs.