Complaint Against a Service United States

This guy stalks our Craigslist recruiting ads and has been spamming me with emails for over 2 years! Every single time I ask him respectfully to remove me from his email list he insults me and is nasty. It’s very frustrating. I can’t block him because he emails me using the Craigslist generated email so it’s different every time. Here are his last 3 responses when I asked POLITELY for him to remove me from his list:

” nice try … since you aere scamming sales reps easy to guess you support Trump”

“fine, obviously your not a dcision maker anyway and don’t know how to handle business”

” i’ve taken 5 of your clients because you guys have a crap product”

I would never do business with this person because he is obviously unprofessional, rude and kind of an *********. There’s nothing I can do apparently to stop him from emailing me, but at least I can let the world know i’m angry about it.

Country United States
State Alabama