Complaint Against a Service United States

Ritter Adair & Associates, PC

I received a phone call from Margaret Adair, of Ritter, Adair & Assoc. saying I won $500,000 from Consumer Clearing House. Margaret said I should have received the official notice in a bright blue envelope, which we never saw. I called the Gaming Commission (probably fake) who said I indeed was a winner.

Margaret told me that they represent Consumer Clearing House since some of the prizes come from sponsors, and mine was in the Philippines. Before I could receive the check, I had to send in 3 different amounts $700, $800, $1050 through Western Union and Money Gram. I did this, but both Western Union and Money Gram would not put the money through.

I received back the money sent the 3rd time, but not the first two amounts from Western Union. Not yet any money from Money Graham.

Margaret said she had an emergency at home & Mr. Winston Adair would be handling my needs from then on. I would like all my money back.

Country United States
State North Dakota
City Bismarck
Address 1900 Burnt Boat Rd
Phone 1 701-751-3883