Complaint Against a Service United States

RoadRunner Auto Tranport

RoadRunner Auto Transport commits fraud every day. As a former employee I should have realized when I responded to their employment ad and found out that it was filled with lies… I should have walked away right then and there.

These people claim they have their own trucks – they do not.

These people post loads on the national dispatching system without ever talking to the customer first. They get quote requests and commit fraud by pretending to have the order when in fact – they don’t have the order.

When the first truck calls them – they call the customer and proclaim “we have a truck ready to go”….. the customer usually says “no thank you” because they know this scam. The scam here is that they never tried to get the customer a good price. They posted the load at a higher dollar figure than necessary so they could be the first company to call the customer and say “we have a truck for you”. The customer just got ripped off.

Look at their Yelp and BBB reviews for vehicles damaged. Why? They don’t care who the first truck is that accepts the offer. They will give your car to any idiot carrier.

RoadRunner takes no responsibility for cars being late or damaged. They don’t care. They block the phone number of that customer and never speak with them again. A joke.

Fact: A good broker will protect you. The carrier will sign a very detailed contract with a good broker so no games can be played if they damage your car or show up late.

Check the reviews. Go with the A+ Rated broker who has many many years of experience. That is the guy who knows which carriers are good and which carriers that are bad. A good broker will never put you on a bad carrier’s truck.

This is a bad broker – very bad broker.

Country United States
State New York
City Bethpage
Address 15 Grumman Rd W
Phone 1 888-777-2123