Complaint Against a Service United States

Royal OptionPips

I first got a text on whatsapp. Looked into the options trading platform. I decided to risk a little bit. Sure enough they person tried to get me to double what I had invested. Ended up the person lied and claimed to have invested his/her money to upgrade me fake account with them if I would only add $100. I did that. The fake account supposedly completed the trading and was supposed to pay me $20k. The trick is they tell you to pay $600 more to have the money released from the SEC.

I didn’t fall for that I talk them into a much smaller amount knowing it was never gonna pay the $20k. Sure enough I was correct. After that, they stop talking to you because the gig is up. They got me for a few hundred bucks but tried for more. They will lie as much as they have too, to get the most money out of you that you will spend.

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cleveland
Address 234 Myrtle Ave