Complaint Against a Service United States

RV Rent California, Inc.

Both Meaghann Ibba and her Father Mike Cobb held a contract with me that started in May 2019 to Rent out my RV through RV Rent California / From what I’ve gather, Meaghann bought the contract from her father in November 2019 and Meaghann held the contract until December 2020. This is a complaint for overcharging my account multiple times, abusive damages to my RV and multiple breaches of contract.

I signed a contract allowing Mike Cobb to rent my RV out and we would split the profit 50/50. During the first 6 months a renter had broken my shower floor. Mike neglected to tell me this and it wasn’t until someone who viewed the RV as a potential buyer was I informed of the damages. Mike downplayed the damage calling it a crack that they had repaired and the individual was overreacting and looking for a price reduction. The truth is the crack was actually an entire bottom corner of the shower had broken out.

Instead of replacing the floor they decided the hole only needed taped over it and then used caulk similar to a bandaid. This is obviously not a benefit to anyone other than their pocketbooks. I didn’t see the extent of this damage until I finally took back my RV in December 2020. I had asked for photos on multiple occasions and those requests were ignored. Meaghann and Mike have completely disregarded this damage and act as if it’s not their issue. Inside their contract they say they may profit from repairs they charge renters but gave me no detail on what they did or didn’t charge the renter who destroyed the shower floor. I have quotes between $1000-$2000 to properly repair this.

The potential buyer also pointed out the carpet had been ruined and the cabinet doors were falling off. I brought these concerns to Mike and Meaghann and again they take zero responsibility. The buyer did not purchase my RV at that time in May 2020.

The next issue arose with my mirrored doors in the bedroom.

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State California
City Vista
Address 1903 W. Vista Way
Phone 760-631-2642