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Satellite City, Inc.

Satellite City, owned by Mark Irons, is a company in Orlando Florida that does home theater installations. I was a former technician that worked for him and saw with my own eyes the poor quality work that was done on new homes still in the construction phases. Mark takes on large home theater projects like these and has 2 technicians and sometimes only 1 that he rushes to get these large projects completed quickly and sacrifices quality installations by having wire for surround sound speakers, TV’s, access points, security cameras, Control 4 and alarm systems poorly ran.

They are so unorganized. Home theater Wires need to be ran in a fashion so that they are out of the way so that they will not be damaged by other trades during the finishing construction phase. That is clearly not Satellite City’s agenda. The bare minimum Satellite City does is in accordance to the Florida low voltage code regulations which is not always extreme quality guidelines for which quality home theater installation companies far exceed. Satellite City does not go off these extreme quality installation guidelines for extensive large scale low voltage home theater projects.

Mark’s agenda is very straight forward: Get the installation done as quickly as possible for the sake of the profit margin by threating his hourly rate technicians that they will not get paid for all their hours of working if the project is not completed fast enough. There is no quality in doing Home Theater in a fast food like mind set. They are a small company that won’t hire additional techs to do these large jobs all for the sake of him making a larger profit on. Grant it, making money is key for any business to be successful and survive but having 2 technicians to do all the wiring in a 20,000 square foot house in a short period of time is completely unrealistic unless quality is sacrificed.

The company clearly needs to only do small add on home theater projects in existing homes on a much smaller scale as opposed to taking on new home construction projects that require much more man power than 2 techs. Quality work is out the door with Satellite City as a result. Also, these large installations are intentionally done on a lower quality level so that after they are completed, down the road when the client has a problem with something not working, it generates a service call and Satellite City gets paid again to fix the problem or problems that they in fact created by doing a poor installation up front. Great profit making plan by the way for Satellite City. Everything is about money to Mark Irons.

I finally walked away from this company due to him telling me he was not going to pay me for all my time worked on his projects like this because I should have gotten more done within 8 hours despite the fact that I explained to him that I did work as fast as I could but he still did not pay me for all my time worked and expected me to stay on with his company and start on a new project just so he could steal more money owed to me out of my pocket again and justify it. This is nothing more then another means for Mark to make more money.

It is illegal for a company to not pay someone for all their time they worked but Satellite City does it all the time to technicians. I found this out when I worked with one of his other techs. He told me that Mark had on many occassions not paid this technician all the money owed for hours worked and attempted to justify it as being okay to do. Wrong!!!! So very wrong.

So now he attempts to punish me by not paying me because I quit due to his unlawful acts to not pay me. Mark Irons, owner of Satellite City really thinks he can do whatever he wants to technicians and get away with it as well as customers. He is currently on or was on criminal probation for violating a customer’s property rights by refusing to pay him because they were not happy with his installation.

Unfortunately most of his customers have no clue how low quality his work really is on a big scale new constuction home theater projects because they are not experts in the field or really don’t do proper research on how these large scale home theater projects should be done by a quality installation service company. Customers’ ignorance is Mark’s biggest gain to take advantage of. He even upsales wire such as shielded Cat5e and charges a much higher price and tells the customer that it is a much better wire than regular Cat5e because the shielded wire will keep out the surround sound speaker wire that can bleed humm interference noise in the the regular Cat5e wire used for the TVs.

This is a ripoff customer upsale trick tactic to fool the customer into paying the additonal money to avoid speaker humm bleeding over into the other wires. Speaker wire, if ran seperately from the Cat5e wire will not interfere with nor bleed noise into Cat5e wire but that takes more time to do because it must be ran seperately cutting into Satellite City’s profit margin. That’s basic home theater 101 to avoid speaker humm and Mark knows this but again it’s all about making more money by fooling the customers into paying more for no reason whatsoever.

I have even heard him on calls with customers several times calling them stupid after getting off the phone with them because the customers refused to Mark’s upsale attempt. Mark is a great actor but the real Mark is a greedy person that only cares about making money and doing it at a low quality level on these large scale projects. It is really sad when you have people like this who cheat technicians by making excuses to not pay and also does poor quality work on large installations for the sake of profit and generating future service calls to make more money on. Mark Irons has no ethichs whatsoever which clearly is needed here which I made this report so technicians and potential customers will know Satellite City’s true agenda. It is illegal for an employer to not pay an employee for time worked due to the fact that it is stealing.

Even on add on home theater projects such as TV wall mount installations, surround sound and security cameras installtions, he charges way more than other companies offering the same services.

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 7052 Narcoossee Rd, Ste 4
Phone 407-384-8711