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Scott G Parks

Over the last 20 years eBay has made sure that buyers had every advantage in the transaction over sellers. If you don’t like reading lengthy reviews than these first few sentences more or less sum up my experience. Scott Parks of Desert hot Springs California scammed me on eBay for $750 (approximately). If you choose to do business with this person or trust him in any way, that is your decision I’m posting this so people know what happened to me.

During the Covid19 pandemic my young daughter and I decided to start selling on eBay to earn a little extra money and escape boredom. Hundreds of transactions with very little issues that can be resolved with just a little credit or some replacements. Because the nature of the product that we sell cannot be returned, should someone want some additional items we only require that they pay for shipping and we will cover the materials. Seems fair to everyone except for Scott Parks. What I should say is it was fair to him until it was time for him to perform and then he screwed me. Here’s what happened: We had a listing on eBay that Scott inquired about, in no uncertain terms I told him what he could expect and what he should not expect.

The choice was left up to him whether not he wanted to make a purchase and he did. The very day that the items arrived he was off on a hissy fit complaining about all the things that we talked about prior to his purchase. Keep in mind this is never happened before… Most functioning adults ask a question, get an answer, and then live with the results. Scott doesn’t think these rules apply to him. In my experience civilized people can simply work something out so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just assumed that he was a reasonable guy (despite his childish temper tantrum) and offered to help. I was very sympathetic but pointed out that he and I had discussed these exact issues prior to his purchase and I was a bit perplexed as to why he was complaining.

Nonetheless, on eBay it’s very important that you make sure that your feedback is protected and that customers are happy. I’m going to inject here that I’ve been on eBay for 21 years and of a 100% feedback rating which is very important for people selling on that platform. At the end of the story you’ll find out that not only did we bend over backwards to try to help this guy but to thank us for it he committed what we believe is fraud and then trashed my feedback of 21 years.

I asked him for a phone number, I wanted to talk to him and see if I couldn’t understand his concerns and come up with some kind of solution even if I thought he was wrong. I offered him a $100 rebate on a $350 purchase and he refused. He was demanding that we send more products at our expense. I told him our typical arrangement which is that the buyer is responsible for shipping and we will send him some additional product gratis. He agreed, in writing, and here’s where things turn south. Apparently Mr. Parks must’ve had second thoughts, instead of demonstrating his maturity and extreme degree of sophistication as he described himself in our telephone call, he actually ignored me. Like a little kid, like a 14-year-old girl who doesn’t want to talk to one of her friends…

This grown man who is a schoolteacher just stopped responding to me. It was explained to me by personal eBay that what he is likely doing is “running out the clock”. You see he filed a return and knowing full well that we don’t take returns (he said so it’s himself in his initial email to me) he knows that eBay will give him a refund and allow him to keep our product.

Without boring you with all of the agonizing details, I emailed Mr. Parks repeatedly, only requesting that he cancel his return and allow me to send him the additional merchandise as we agreed. It only became clear when it was too late that what he was doing is what’s known as “buyer fraud” or return fraud. It’s when you make a claim that is nearly impossible to prove to be untrue knowing that you won’t have to return the product and will get your money returns you. So $350 purchase is returned to him and he keeps $350 of our product. So congratulations Mr. Scott G Parks of Desert hot Springs California, you stole $750 from a 14-year-old girl who is just making a little extra money during the Covid pandemic. You are a true degenerate and con man in my opinion. You should be ashamed of yourself and anyone who even considers doing business with you should think twice about what you did to me. I won’t say that its a guarantee that he’ll do it to someone else but he screwed us at a time when we could afford at least.

The worst part of this story was listening to this blowhard go on and on about how sophisticated he is because he’s a West Coast liberal who comes from money. I mentioned to him in our conversation that I knew a person somewhere in his area and he actually told me that it’s a low class area where my friend lives. This guy is a schoolteacher… Children learn from him. In over 20 years buying and selling on eBay I have never actually been conned until now. As of this writing, he will not answer his phone or respond to emails. Like a little coward he’s hiding behind his computer and thinks this is over. I will continue to dispute this with the parties involved until a proper resolution is reached. We put in a phone call to the detective bureau in his community explaining the interstate fraud and asking for relief. Whether they take us seriously or not will be determined… But what I can warn you about, be very careful doing business with Scott G Parks, eBay handle laststarfighter76, (this is a grown man who still plays with starwars toys) of Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240-6460. He ripped me off.

Country United States
State California
City Desert Hot Springs
Address Via Domingo
Phone 760 774 6738