Canada Complaint Against a Service

Sebastian Gale

He conducted a discord contest in which the winner would receive a custom made website. He then illegally changed the contest rules. I win, and he leads me on for a month, saying it would be done soon. After a month I receive a literal photo with unresponsive text on it. I confront him about it saying that this is ridiculous. He then says he will not even make the website and tries to say the website is intelligible due to the illegally added rules.

More than that he has to comply to “reasonable time” and market competition laws. So he’s dishonored his own contest, broken laws, and led a client on for a month and gives me a photo. I would not do business with him in a 100 years. Worst Situation I’ve ever dealt with. So if you get an email or message from Sebastian Gale from Canada just ignore it.

I assume he’s either not experienced enough to make a simple static website or that he treats his clients like trash, either way I personally wouldn’t pay him a dollar to do anything.

Country Canada
City North Saanich Victoria, British Columbia
Phone 1 778 650 0257