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Shopee — Fake jade scam in Shopee Singapore | Shopee Customer Service

This is a a fake jade scam happening on Shopee Singapore.

There is a live channel jade seller retailing jade pieces called

The hosts are all very well trained and put up shows with convincing “sellers” to pretend to slash jade prices tremendously for sale to shoppers in Singapore!

They even go the step further with claims saying that they are all retailing real A quality jade which is all natural and untreated! Buying any fake jade, they will compensate you 10, 000 dollars for every dollar spent!

This is all a lie!

I bought the jade bangle at $400, and was assured to be extremely good grade and icy quality!

When I received the item, it is not even like what was seen in the screen! Many flaws and cracks line inside the bangle! This is a scam, they sell the items which are then swooped before sending out!

I have bring the jade bangle to many pawn shops in Singapore and many of them have appraised and evaluated it to be a dyed piece and not worth more than $50 on the retail market!

The seller on Shopee,, denies all these and says their track record is very good!

Beware of this Seller on Shopee Singapore called!

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