Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Silktown Roofing, Inc.

My name is Louis Nichole. I am a 70 year old senior citizen.

I filed a 250 page report and chronological file/ photographs with the CT DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION…… against SILKTOWN ROOFING… for incompetence and poor craftsmanship.

( $120,000 was paid in full ….to which Silktown would not supply copies of their

” WORK ORDERS “… substantiate the work performed and dollars billed )

They did not live up to the SILKTOWN WARRANTY DOCUMENT provided by them.

They falsified a building permit. (against Town of Prospect Ordinances)


Roofing work was performed over 2 plus years … a manager, Kevin…. who is “no longer with the company.” Therefore Silktown takes NO RESPONSIBILITY.

I have over $180,000 worth of damages… performed by this manager and his staff..

I did not ask for financial settlement… only the repair of the damages.





Silktown website stated in opening page….. 2018:

“We are all disappointed when we have a customer that is unhappy

and we would appreciate the opportunity to make things right.

We pride ourselves for both Quality and Reliability – the traits our clients have told us were the most important factors in choosing us as their roofing contractor.When you do business with Silktown Roofing, you’ll know that service and quality workmanship still mean what they used to!


This quote has been removed from Silktown website after I wrote my first review

It has been replaced recently


“Silktown Roofing demonstrates the highest level of professional workmanship.

Our original values of quality workmanship and our commitment to customer service are still our top priority.



Silktown did not provide any remediation for their damages.

Therefore I placed my reviews on Google, Yelp and other websites


If one is ashamed of a complaint filed… simply “MAKE THING RIGHT.” their website states

That is what good and accountable human beings do


Silktown had to respond to The CT Dept of Consumer Protection tom my complaint.

They hired a lawyer who did not do……” her do diligence”

She instead…. provided much misinformation and no REAL substantiation in her complaint….no photographs, no Silktown Warranty documents….no substantiation to my over 250 page documents.


LEGAL SERVICE is the kind of “CUSTOMER SERVICE “….. you can expect if you decide to work with Silktown.


Silktown has paid to remove my reviews /public comment from their platform and their social media. Their Title and Privilege…..demonstrates that they are above the law.

Customers should be vigilante against businesses who” buy censorship” and block the freedom of speech of everyday consumers.

They are the very threat to our democracy….let alone bad business practice.

These companies believe that money and power is their birthright …and customer service is interchangeable with the Almighty Dollar.

…….all in the name of Lady Justice.


The Good news….. I am in negotiations with for a series of major publishers and film companies who want to make my story heard….a kind of Erin Brokevich of the 20’s.


It is the true story about my home that was destroyed by fire…. and the 7 years of bad building contractors, bad suppliers … who built the entire house against CT Building Codes.

Add to that…. over 8 bad major insurance companies and 30 Bad Attorneys who did everything in their power….. not to pay for the damages.


Remember the name ….Silktown.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Manchester
Address 27 Pleasant St
Phone 1 860-647-0198