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Lisa found me a condo to lease to own in April 2020.When I went to obtain financing on it I found out the property was listed as FHA approved but wasnt not. Lisa advised I was making a big deal out of this . I put down 3.5% as they knew my plan was to do FHa. She also advised she didnt verify it was FHA approved. After my first lender had approved me but came back with denial due to the property. Lisa advised that my lender didnt know what she was doing and sent me to two more lenders who advised the same thing. I have proof of the first lender and the third as they all told me they could get me a loan on any other property just not this one die to not FHA approved.

Also via text I have Lisa stating Bruce one of the lenders only had a issue with the spot financing. She then sent me to her friend from Facebook who tried to have APEX appraiser say the property was a townhouse to get around spot financing the appraiser refused. She then stated as she did a manual underwriting that it was because of my BK’s that she couldn’t get it approved. Mind you again I have already been approved with the same credit history 3 times. Lisa then advised me that it was my fault and that I had to get out of property and that I lose my 3.5% . And that I should go back to the 3 rd lender and just buy another home.

I also was informed that December rent would be waived due to all the issues. Then received an addendum stating that since I didn’t obtain financing I give up rights to all my deposits. This lady and company are scamming people. I have lost my hard earned money for something she as ny realtor should have researched prior to me moving in. I have spent money on painting the place eyc. To now be put in a spot with not alot of money to put a down payment on another place due to her fault

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