Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Skytech Gaming

I ordered a higher end computer from this company on 17OCT2020. I received it on 23OCT2020 late at night. I immediately unboxed it and turned it on. The computer was not configured properly from this company and a fan was not working. I fixed both of the issues. When using the computer for what it is designed for (games) it just completely shuts off after about 5 minutes of use. Over and over. It turned off probably 10-15 times in my 12 hour possession.

I immediately contacted this company through email to tell them there is an issue with the computer. Following that I spent hours that night trying to see what was going on with it. I really wanted to keep the computer knowing the graphics card in it is extremely hard to come by right now. In the morning I tried to figure out what was happening some more. Spent about 5-7 hours total trying to figure it out. I hadn’t received any form of communication back from the company so I decided to return it. About a week later I get my refund minus 625.69 cents. I contact the company to ask why didn’t I get my full refund? I’m told well there is a restocking fee. I told them I am not paying a restocking fee on a product that doesn’t even function.

They responded with “we tested it and its fine.” fast forward of 10-20 messages of going no where. They sent me a picture of them testing it on a tiny non gaming monitor with the case taken apart for extra airflow. I responded with obviously that’s not going to simulate the issue. It’s a high end gaming computer. It needs to be tested as such. Which I got in response that they don’t have the means to test a high end gaming computer properly so they are charging me with the restocking fee.

Country United States
State California
City Ontario
Address 1620 S Proforma Ave
Phone (888) 370-8882