Canada Complaint Against A Cheater

Smart Nora

I purchase this Smart Nora hoping to help with my snoring. The device is packaged well but that is about it. It is a $300.00+ airbag that you put in your pillow. It is very uncomfortable and loud. Also, if you move at all during the night the airbag falls out of the pillowcase.

After trying this for several weeks I knew Smart Nora wasn’t for me. On 8-14-2020 I requested a return and refund. They informed me that it would take a couple of weeks to approve the return. I thought this was weird but accepted it and waited. They informed me that a label would be sent to me (Implying that it would be shipped). After 3 weeks I never received the label. I called customer service and finally a week later they emailed me a label to print off.

I returned the device on 9-9-2020. According to the tracking information they have received their product back. As of 11-5-2020, they still have not refunded me. I called them again and they claim that it takes several months for them to issue a refund.

I attempted to leave a negative review on their website and Amazon. When I leave the review on their site it thanks me for the review but then never posts it. If you try to leave a review on Amazon you will see that Amazon is not allowing reviews at this time because they have detected “unusual reviewing activity”. Simply put they are creating their own reviews to make their product look better than it is. If you go to YouTube, you will notice that they have several videos, but the comments are turned off. These are all red flags that I should have noticed before getting involved in this fraudulent company.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 461 King St W. 4th Floor