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I had all blond hair about bleach blond hair color. Went in to add some brown. Showd the woman the photo that i wanted, her and another employee went over what needee to be done. Plus i wanted it thinned and trimmed. I was there from 1pm untill 630pm. I walked out with bangs that were ridiculously short, and all brown hair no blond was left. I was charged $237.00 she charged me 40$ for blond she had to mix together and 10$ for each mic of brown she used. She charged me 25$ for toner. Mind you my hair was already blond. But there’s no blond left in ny hair. So why was tbere blond mixed up and why was there toner used. I went home and had to re thin cut and fix my hair cut. Im not sure what she even thinned or thrimmed. She kept telling me she doesnt like to thin hair. Even knoe thats one of the biggest things i wanted done. I have photos of before and after abd the photo of the colors i wanted my hair to resemble if your interested in seeing them also.

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