Complaint Against a Service United States

Sovereign Yacht Sales

GREG is a con man and a SCAM artist. He hit on wife, the entire time I was looking at a boat and kept flirting with my daughter. He was bragging about having several ‘women’ and kept trying to touch my wife. I told him to knock it off, but he got all macho and thought it was funny. He kept giggling and staring at my wife’s chest.

He even remarked that I could get a discount if my wife provided ‘favors’. We are in town and this place was recommended by a friend.

This guy is a danger to society. I see he has had past issues with customers as well for this behavior. I wouldn’t buy a boat from this creep.

Country United States
State Florida
City Stuart
Address 250 SW Monterey Rd
Phone 888.891.8564