Complaint Against a Service

Synergy Immediate Care

I’m asking that if you are to ever get a message regarding an interview from Lisa An, to run. This lady has shown how very petty and impatient she can be via email communication.

She scheduled me a time for an interview on at 1 pm. When I checked my calendar I noticed I couldn’t do that time on the day. I asked if 2/1 would work or if they had an earlier time.

The response in her email was unprofessional. I apologize for the confusion with my schedule in the email also asking if it’s any cancellations for any earlier spots if she could let me know.

I’ve been on interviews and those type of questions have never been an issue. She said, Stacy, I’m retracting my offer due to not paying close attention to detail and accuracy when completing a task.

First, working in the Medical Field since old now old has never been a weak area for me. I’m wanting everyone to know this Office Manager possessed tasteless, unethical, rude and petty behavior. I would stay away from emailing and from this company.

I will also send this review over to the Better Business Bureau so many may see the emails as proof. I would never work for a person or company who has an office manager like Lisa An. Stay away!! It’s sad the office has to get a review because of her

(703) 942-5331

1980 Gallows Rd Ste 100 Vienna, VA 22182

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