Complaint Against a Service India

Archaeological Survey of India — keezhadi excavation, madurai

Dear Sir,
Keezhadi excavation in Madurai is not taken care in a proper mode. 50 cents of area already excavated are closed by mud. The team has dug only 3 feet in that 50 cents and they have planned to dig 6 or more feet. 110 acres of land must be safeguarded for future excavation purpose, Please help and make a exhibition for the objects taken already from the keezhadi project. Make it in Madurai so that people in Madurai have some knowledge about their old ancestors. And there are still long way required in this project, So please find this project and save this project from religious issues. Make this project a great success. Don’t make this project a prey to North, South issue. Everything is under India. So, please see south Indian project as Indian project. If all 110 acres are excavated we can get more knowledge on old civilization in “India” and we can make it a great heritage site. Please make this project success free from religions and North, south issue. Please bring Mr.Amarnath as project head because it is completely his idea. He can bring efficient results out of it.