Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


I have been eating at Carlos O’Brien’s for the past 20 years and never before have I experienced such horrific service than this past Cinco De Mayo. The waiter was so incredibly rude our family should have just walked out. My mother and father who are both 70 were with my family on this day. The waiter was walking us back to seat us when my mom asked if we could please sit at a table. As we reached our table the waiter has the NERVE to say to my mother “You could have told me ahead of time that you wanted a table!” If that wasn’t enough an elderly couple along side of us asked the same waiter if they could get their drinks. He replied to them with his one badaged arm ” Look I can only do so much!” He was repeatedly rude to our entire table for the duration of our meal. I did speak to the manager who could only say ” I am sorry’. Your sorry! I feel this could have been handled in a more appropriate manner. I was not looking for a free meal, it would have been nice to have the manager come over to our table and speak to my mom. This is one DISSATISFIED customer.. It will be along time before I attempt to even eat at CARLOS O’BRIEN’S again. ADIOS CARLOS!!!