Complaint Against a Service

DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of New Carrollton

I avoid writing negative reviews about places because I understand sometimes issues are no one’s fault. This is a completely different case. I genuinely wish I could go back in time and never step foot in this dealership.

The experience started great, my car salesman, Herbert, was friendly and knowledgeable. He set me up with a great Jeep.  However, I have received terrible customer service since purchasing my vehicle and dealing with ANYONE else. In the three months since purchasing, my car has still not been registered.

Ken Wright, the finance manager, actively avoids phone calls and text messages and is never there whenever I have stopped by the dealership to talk to him.

I purchased the vehicle on July 11, and that was the last time I have had an actual conversation with him. I have been extremely inconvenienced due to his inability to do his job or at the very least, answer my questions about when my vehicle will be registered.

The last time I was at the dealership I attempted to speak to the general manager (Tim) as well, and he apparently wasn’t there either. It seems as though there are never any employees present to provide even the bare minimum amount of customer service. Employees need to be held responsible if they are incompetent or refuse to do their job.

There is absolutely no reason it should take over THREE MONTHS to title a vehicle. When I asked another employee what the issue was, I was basically told that it was my fault, because I initially provided a check in the wrong amount,

however, what the employee failed to acknowledge is that the reason it was in the wrong amount was that the finance manager doesn’t know how to deal with military members and tried to sell me a service he is legally unable to, resulting in him telling me the wrong amount.

You would think it is in his job description to know what he is and isn’t allowed to sell. And even IF that was the reason for the delay, I corrected that issue within two weeks (I was out of state on temporary military orders).

No one will give me a straight answer on how long until my vehicle will be registered, and apparently it will take long enough that I am being told I will have to turn the vehicle back in until the issue is resolved.

Completely unacceptable and unheard of. No other military member I have spoken to has ever had an issue like this, and I have purchased other vehicles from other dealerships with no delays.

This issue is STILL not resolved. I have actively been advising friends, family, and coworkers in the area to NEVER purchase a vehicle from DARCARS of New Carrollton.

(301) 459-6800
8100 Annapolis Rd New Carrollton, MD 20784