Complaint Against a Service United States

David L. Payne

I was convinced by an old high school friend to allow David Payne to inspect my home I was purchasing. Against my better judgment I agreed thinking since he was dating an old friend he’d do a good job.

Within a month, the sheetrock started falling off the exterior of my shower. I thought it was odd, so I called three contractors to look at it. All three asked the very same question, “Why didn’t you have the home inspected?” Of course to all I replied, “I did!” They all recommended I 1) get my money back and 2) complain to the Texas Real Estate Commission. I contacted Mr. Payne about the expense, he said his inspections were not disputable, and that I was pretty much stuck. He tried to say that the owners covered everything up with caulk after the inspection but I was in the house when he was inspecting it and took pictures of everything to make sure the house wasn’t stripped after I purchased it. Upon review of the pictures, the previous owners had placed a shower chair in the shower in question to cover up large amounts of caulk. The contractor that did the repairs said that shower had not been used in 6 years or so and showed me the ant trails from the ants that had come up through the foundation and eaten the molding wood and then left. There was no current ant activity because the wood stopped rotting after the previous owner quit using the shower.

There was a good 1/4 inch gap all around the shower where the shower seat was, three tiles high so even if Mr. Payne would have bent down and looked, he would have caught the problem. On top of that, he really should have moved the shower chair but again, he didn’t inspect that bathroom at all because there was no mention of the faucet that was leaking in that bathroom and the owner’s had even left a valve out on top of the sink they had bought to repair the leaking faucet.

Apparently Mr. Payne has a problem further aggravated by his drunken girlfriend of drunk dialing. I started receiving drunken calls from Miss Joy Galloway who was dating Mr. Payne asking if I was going to “sue them”. I asked Miss Galloway if she was now married to Mr. Payne, she said no but if he asked me I would. I then replied, if you’re not married to him, then this is really not your concern, please don’t contact me again regarding this. This past Saturday night, Mr. Payne and his girlfriend started making threatening phone calls AFTER 10pm. I had to put a $5/mnth call blocking on my phone to block Mr. Payne from calling and texting me. He called ten times from 5 different phones, including phones belonging to Buffy Nelms, and Kristy Marrone, of course Miss Joy Galloway’s phone, his own personal cell phone and finally his home phone. I ended up having to call the Dallas Police Department to report the calls after he left a threatening voice mail on my phone threatening both myself and my 4 1/2 year old daughter. That all occured Saturday October 8, 2011. The Dallas Police Department called Mr. Payne and Miss Galloway and instructed them to NOT CONTACT me again. I had hoped his drunk dialing had ended, but then received a call from the Corinth police department saying Mr. Payne and Miss Galloway had filed a false report saying I was contacting them and harassing them. I have NEVER made a single phone call to Miss Galloway in reference to this matter, and I only sent two text messages to Mr. Payne one to notify him he was costing me $2400 (initial estimate of repair) to fix the shower, and the second to ask what he was going to do about it since he hadn’t inspected the shower. I told the Corinth Police officer, a report had already been filed in Dallas and that I not only had not contacted Mr. Payne, that it was him initiating the harassment, but he had also threatened my daughter and my self. I then told him I had to add call blocking to my cellular phone to keep the drunken Mr. Payne from calling me repetitively.

I’m assuming Mr. Payne and Miss Galloway are a match made in heaven because they both drink way too much and then start dialing and harassing people.

Country United States
State Texas
Address 4301 Treehouse Ln
Phone 214-325-9664