Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


Bought this card from Towson Best Buy along with the $10 H20 Sim Card. I called the number, scratched the card and then they said sorry, your H20 account cannot be recharged. The card was never used and the 3 people i talked to also said that is correct, however there was no way for them to recharge the account created from the sim card, thus making the $60 I spent at Best Buy completely useless. The H20 Wireless Reps also gave me another number to call, I called that number twice and no one answered the phone. H20 Wireless is a subsidiary of another company but no one would let me talk directly to H20. Took the Card and the Recharge Card to Best Buy to ask for store credit, they REFUSED. I’m now contacting my credit card company to report the two charges as disputed. Went to T-mobile, paid $50 for 1 month prepaid and they didn’t charge for the sim. Stay AWAY from this company.