Complaint Against a Service United States

Joanne McGovern — ballybrack ireland fraud

Stalkers all have Psychiatric issues and should not even be allowed to roam the streets without being monitored and definitely not be allowed to go near a computer or upload people’s personal and private information. This is the type of person who finds stalking, bullying or harassment “a form of fun”.
We will not stop exposing this Sociopath until she backs off and stops terrorizing people online with her childish behavior. In any other country Joanne McGovern would be locked up in a Psychiatric Institution, placed on Haldol and never be allowed to go near a computer, smart phone or anybody’s personal business. Stalking and online bullying is a serious danger to society.
It is “not FUN” to terrorizing, harass, stalk and threaten folk but now we will continue to expose this slimy, sneaky little coward who is genetically demented.
By showing up this behavior as not acceptable and fighting back against stalkers she will not be able to threaten us. She should be made to remove anything like she has been doing with third parties and some have been falling for her hot air threats.
This woman is nothing but a joke and a loser. She really is a completely sick in the head Psycho. Child services will be called if she does not stop and it is NOT the first time they have been to see her.

look at those mad eyes!