Complaint Against a Service

My Three Sons Relocation Services

Though Nick was great with the estimate I called back and confirmed as well as paid the deposit. Rusty told me that all was confirmed and there would be no problem with picking up on the path of May and then unloading on the after 1 PM.

I get a call from them saying that either I had to unload in the morning of the or they would have to cancel my order.

I mean really, 2 days before this move and you are telling me that it can’t be done, The issue here is service. I built everything around what was confirmed and yet they can not stand by their word.

I explained yet again for the 3rd time that I couldn’t get into the new house until after closing which is at 11 am on the.

If I could give them a 0 I would. Moving is stressful enough without causing undue stress on someone, This was a very bad service, Rusty said that they had too many people moving that day,

Well let’s see, I paid my deposit and confirmed and yet you still are not able to comply with the estimate and promise that you made. Beware of the sweet words this company tells you because they are anything but helpful.

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Serving Silver Spring Area