Complaint Against a Service United States

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He offered to ghostwrite a real estate book on investing for beginners, he said he would market it online for me as well as get the printed hard copy versions of it for me at 2.19 the book. he originally offered the service at 1.5k and I refused because too expensive then he discounted to 800$ USD.

he said to pay 25% of it to start the work and cover cost. then out of nowhere two days later said another 25% to pay for book cover design and such. and after that final payment, he was gone. no blocked me off social media the main way of communication and then no answers on his phone.

during these tough times, we just don’t expect such behaviors of people. I did my due diligence but still fell for the scam.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Shelby
Phone (248) 444-6462