Complaint Against a Service


I have nothing against their Artists, I think they are great. It’s their customer service that is completely unacceptable.

I placed an order for an iPhone case back in September. Unfortunately due to some paypal/society6 website confusion, I was charged for 3 cases. I immediately tried to contact them to cancel the order, but there is NO CONTACT NUMBER.

I made an appeal to paypal, and they handled the dispute. The order was canceled, and I received a refund, so I went to place the order again for 1 case. The order went through, and I thought all was good. A few days later, I logged on to check the status of my order, to find out that I had been refunded the amount for that order too.

When I contacted them via email to find out why, they made up some lame excuse, and basically said they were charged a feee from paypal, due to my dispute, and so basically they were barring me from doing business with them again.

After damaging my new phone, I decided I really, really needed a case. So on October 25th, I had my boyfriend place another order, thinking we were being sneaky, using his name, credit card, and contact info. The Order was placed successfully, however for some reason, we didn’t receive anything.

After a couple weeks, we tried contacting them, because the order just said ‘pending’. We have only received generic emails saying ‘we will contact you within 24 hours’. We have NEVER received any response. We’ve sent numerous emails. And Nothing.

I’ve tried contacting them via Twitter, which they ignore. I became a friend of their facebook page, and asked them to reply to their customer emails, and I just discovered that they deleted that comment, and have BLOCKED me from commenting on their page. Total BS.

I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau about this, and am waiting to hear back from them.

I also found a number to call and leave a message (it was on the Visa statement which showed the charge, and the refund). Feel free to call, and leave a message: [protected].

1 310 910 1781

1655 26th Street Santa Monica California United States – 90404