Complaint Against a Service United States

Sokha Song, Ed.D

This man made my wife quit her job at the college. She worked in HR where he worked, and after several advances and threats from him I left. She complained of sexual harassment with the higher ups but they sided with him and basically let this man do whatever he wanted to people. He also told her quietly, “You will never be able to prove a thing.” She was walking down the hall one day at work and he pat her on the behind. She told him first to politely not do that. But he kept doing it. She then explained to him that she was going to file a case against him for touching her and lowering her hours, and he only laughed.

He also stole funds from a charity drive about a year ago. The school was having it to raise money for the disadvantaged youth. This happened about a year or so ago, but when it went missing she knew he was the one who took it because it was left in his office and that’s where it went missing. He actually stole the cash. He then lied and said there was no cash. In the parking lot, she was parked near him and he pulled his car up next to her’s and playfully hit her bumper and then rolled down his window and said “Oops.” This man commits fraud and he had no respect for my wife. We are reporting this. Do not trust him.

Country United States
State California
City Walnut
Address 1000 University Dr.
Phone 828 732 0690