Complaint Against a Service United States

Solar Bills, LLC.

On March 15, 2018, I purchased a brand new mobile home because I didn’t want to deal with problems a previous owner (2017 to 2015) might have had which weren’t repaired under the manufacture or separate repair warranties offered by appliances, furniture, electronic, and/or storage component companies. Therefore, nine-months later I made my first s****.>

Shortly after arriving in Quartzsite and entering La Posa North, Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA), Bureau of Land Manage (BLM) property; I registered, located a convenient camp spot, pulled in and settled into mobile home living. A few days later I met my neighbors, who recommended that I purchase a foldable solar suitcase which cost less than $800.00 to boost my battery energy usage; allowing me opportunities to boondock at longer periods without having to run my generator so often. Two of my neighbors suggest, I purchase my portable solar system from Solar Bill which was 1.1 miles from our location. Normally, I read as many reviews as I can found about a business before making inexpensive or expensive purchases. This time, I failed to apply my own purchase practice.

Although, I called this business and was given an appointment for 10:45 on December 12, 2018. Upon my arrival everything seemed to change. First, I was overlooked after the female working the counter finished helping a male customer. Though, I was still standing at the counter once this customer left. This woman walked pass me twice – like I was invisible. However, when another caucasian male entered the door. “Hello, may I help you sir, she asks.” No you may not because I was here prior to his arrival, I replied. Well, I need to get some help here, she replied. So she briefly left the counter and returned with a man, she introduced to this customer as Bill.

I informed her, I had an appointment to discuss and purchase a foldable solar suitcase system for my mobile home. At this point, this lady left and returned with Jimmy, who informed me, “We are out of foldable solar suitcase systems. Anyway, I don’t recommend the suitcase system because they’re easy to steal. Therefore, rooftop solar panels are a better investment. if you want to have one of those installed, I can’t get you in until tomorrow morning. Currently, I am installing panels on both of those (pointing to two-large bus type mobile homes). As well as, training two new employees. So, if you like; you can park on our parking lot tonight and I can start work on your mobile home in the morning”. Therefore, I spent the night in order to be first in the morning.

Because, I spent the night on this business’s parking lot; I hung out in their shop, and on their front patio observing, everything they were doing not just to my mobile home but to others that were having three or more panels installed. I watched the two trainee employees struggle to install two red batteries with white water cap-levels into my battery compartment that originally held one nine-month-old deep cell battery.

I am sure, this woman, who turns out to be the manager of this business – thought she would never see or hear from me again which was my desire as well. However, on December 24, 2019, I made a second trip to Quartzsite to connect with friends I had met in 2018. Shortly upon this arrival, the lights in my mobile home begin to flicker when I flushed the toilet; turn on the facet at the kitchen sink and while attempting to start the generator. I never had a problem with any of these components before; while using the one-deep cell battery that was in my mobile home when it was purchased.

A test of my batteries by a mechanic at Pilot Service Center on Main Street determined voltage reading for one battery was 2.0 (dead battery), and the other was 6.0. Therefore, I was told by the Pilot employee that the low voltage battery had to be replaced. Otherwise, my problems would continue until the 6.0 battery was also dead.

Therefore, I drove to Parker AZ to purchase and have one new battery installed. After purchasing the new battery, I stood by my mobile home exit door and watched one O’Reilly Auto Parts employee struggle to dislodge and remove the one dead battery in order to install the replacement which wasn’t going to happen. Those batteries were so tightly jammed into my battery compartment; it took brute force to dislodge and remove both.

It was at this time: The O’Reilly Auto Parts employee said, “You can’t be upset about having to replace this battery because you got six-years out of both. So, you might as well replace both now because the other will die soon, he said. “What do you mean I got six-years out of these batteries, when my mobile home was 9-months old when these batteries were installed?” Look right here. Both batteries are dated Mar 2012 which means they are 6-years old. Therefore, someone conned you, he replied. These findings were also shared with the O’Reilly manager, who gave me a discount as a result of this swindle.

In addition. A few guys at the BLM campground offered to install the new battery once I purchased it and returned from Parker. If I hadn’t followed my gut to have the dead battery replaced by an O’Reilly employee; I would have never discovered Solar Bill installed 6-year old batteries into the battery compartment of my 2018 mobile home and charged me $140.00 for each battery ($280.00). Since this discovery, I wonder if my roof-top solar panel installed my Bill Solar is also an old reused panel.

This matter can’t be resolved until I am reimbursed for two fraudulent actions perpetrated by Solar Bill. As well as, the price of two replacement batteries; I was forced to purchase from O’Reilly.

(1) The price this business charged me for two 6-year old batteries – $280.00; (2) Theft of my 2018, 9-month old battery – $125.00, and (3) the cost for two January 2020 batteries I was forced to pay for replacement batteries from O’Reilly – $219.18. TOTAL Solar Bill owes me is: $624.18.

Caveat emptor means – customer beware. This is a smart move when dealing with many businesses, especially with this one.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Quartzsite
Address 630 W. Main Street/ Box 770
Phone 619-588-9852