Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Solo Ad Marketing

This company also goes by the name Solo Ad Blast and Solo Email Marketing and Solo Ad Campaigns and is a scam. They offer to run email marketing blasts for businesses, but will not deliver. I wish I had been able to read my review or other reviews before getting scammed. We called to ask questions about their services and they responded very quickly to help us make a purchase; however, after that the communication decreased. We paid $399 for email blasts and $199 for email HTML creation. They offered a guaranteed 25% open rate and 10% click-through rate for their emails and would send 7 emails.

The HTML creators were a different company that barely spoke English and lived in India. They ended up saying they would only format HTML for 1 email for $199 (not 7). It’s dramatically overpriced. No one sends people the same exact email 7 times without ending up in a spam folder, so there’s no way someone would assume it was 7 of the same email. And at $199 for HTML creation it’s dramatically overpriced for 1 email for an Indian firm since we ended up just having to do it ourselves and could have done it within 1-2 hours via Stripo. Next, we asked them to test the HTML email and after a very difficult time of getting them to do what we asked, we decided just to tell them to go ahead with the campaign. Once they sent out the emails this was the result.

A click rate of 10% on 80,000 emails would be 8,000 … however, we ended up with only 63 clicks and 0 entires. We do the exact same campaign with other advertisers, and have very predictable results. With over 103,000 clicks our average entries is 2.67 entries for every click. Solo Ad Campaign didn’t give us thousands, they gave us 0. Out of a guaranteed click amount of 8000 we only had 63 and out of several thousand expected entries we had zero. Basically they didn’t do anything. When we contacted them they said on their end they saw they had provided all the clicks necessary. After reading multiple other complaints on the BBB about another company they run called “Targeted Mailings” it looks like this is something they do this to multiple people.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Leander
Address 801 S US-183 #1364
Phone (800) 834-6512