Complaint Against a Service / Qexpress Customer Service Representative

I called just minutes back to know what is the reason why that their courier didn’t come yesterday to collect the items that I requested for a return knowing that I received SMS for 2 times confirming that courier will come.

Unfortunately courier didn’t come yesterday and early this morning I received SMS that courier will come but at this point in time no one came. I received 2 SMS from them today.

Since I didn’t receive any call from the courier I decided to call the qexpress customer service. To my surprise the representative on the other line is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! She talked to me as if she doesn’t care about the reason why I made a call.

She answered my queries in a VERY SARCASTIC WAY!!! Souq is good online shopping site but it your courier services or customer service representatives are SOOOO BAD then some things will be turn as a mess!!!

So bad and dis appointed with the QEXPRESS Customer Service !!!

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