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Southwest Airlines / Cancellations and Delays with no information provided

Arrived at MDW at 10:00 am on 5/29/2019 for Flight from MDW to DAL (confirmation # WI7JNO) cancelled, and then cancelled again. Changed our flight to be from MDW to Albuquerque. Delayed, delayed, and then delayed again. No one at the desk to ask questions. No one provided any info AT ALL(no way to say it but in caps). Called Southwest customer service who said what is the problem it has only been two hours – IT HAS BEEN 12 HOURS(no way to say it but in caps). With no information, and she can’t help me because it is up to the airport. And calling customer service when the recording says 15 minute wait is like 45 minute wait. And if you leave a call back to save yourself in line – NO ONE CALLS BACK(no way to say it but in caps). And then gets worse – they have waited all day and are treated like stand by. Last seats on the flight. What would have happened if there had been no seats? They would still be waiting with no information. My daughter was supposed to get into Dallas on the afternoon of 5/29/2019 and she will not get in there until 5/30/2019 late in the day. 24 HOURS LATE!!! I think at the very least they should be given comp flights – full refund. If we are late we miss the flight. If Southwest is late it’s not their fault?????? And I guess they think they don’t have to explain, since they don’t.

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