Complaint Against a Service

Sovereign Health

These people (admission) bend over backwards to get you in the door and make promises and tell lies about services. They do prey on desperate families seeking helped for a love one then deliver sub-standard care, if you want to even call it care at all.

I think this program hurt my son more than helped him. After several weeks of hearing my son complain (thinking he was whining), I decided to look at the on-line reviews and was horrified!

Everything he had been telling me was true and far worse than I could ever imagined. I immediately pulled him out (March 2014) of the so-called facility and heard even worse stories about inappropriate and even illegal actions of staff members later.

While coming back from their daily 45 minutes each way in a van stuffed with people on the LA freeways, the driver hit another car and did not stop. Somehow he convinced the staff when he arrived it never happened when 8 patients in the car said otherwise!

From horrible junk food to failed outings, it was the most disorganized program I have ever seen. No one seems to know what the others are doing.The medication management is down right non-existent with patients not getting meds for days.

One while their ended up in the ER do to poor management by the staff. It is true, the clients see interns, many that are inexperienced and low quality. I could write a book on the bad things happening here not just to my son but others and will be filing complaints with the appropriate governing authorities and agencies as I suggest others do who have experienced this program.

I don’t know how this place is allowed to operate legally given the complaint history dating back to 2010 I found on-line. If there is an attorney handling a class action, please post it. DO NOT SEND A LOVED ONE TO THIS PLACE!!!

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