Complaint Against a Service

Spa Renaissance & Renaissance Plastic Surgery

I would personally not schedule any future appointments at Spa Renaissance & Renaissance Plastic Surgery, nor would I recommend anyone else after my unpleasant experience.

I am beyond disappointed with everything from the results, service, and money I have wasted there. My esthetician, Rada, was nice. However, she guaranteed results that did not happen. I spent an outrageous amount of money there, and my skin looks exactly the same.

I am very well aware that skin takes time to heal, but I should have seen at least a small difference after so 2 months and $500 later. I am so disappointed.

I live nearby and was hoping to have found a nice spa that I could trust. From my first visit to my last, I felt A LOT of pressure to purchase their products. It made me very uncomfortable. Rada insisted to schedule peel after peel promising it would do this and that, and yet I have not seen the least bit of difference.

My skin is something I will gladly splurge on, but I did not see any sort of result! Even cashing out was uncomfortable. On my second visit, I tried using a coupon that was available online from completing a survey but Alyssa, the woman who was cashing me out, said she could not accept it because I needed to print it out.

After explaining I just filled it out from my phone and I had the coupon on my phone, she insisted she needed a hard copy. Absolutely ridiculous.

After becoming dissatisfied with my results, I pleasantly went to visit the spa to speak to someone. Rada was not on that day. I spoke to one of the receptionists, and she was super nice and understanding.

Alyssa came by to help and was rude and extremely unhelpful. Basically, the only thing she told me she could do was to set up a consult for me to speak with Rada, although I told her I do not care who I see.

I wanted to know what the manager or someone with authority could do for me and although that was not what I wanted to do, I complied to wait for a consultation w Rada. Finally, I had a consultation with Rada several days later. I expressed I was disappointed and had not seen any results.

She tried to convince me that there had been a result. She even wanted to do another peel for me and sell me products. Obviously, at this point, I had already spent so much money with little to no results.

Why on earth would I schedule another peel with her when I do not trust her nor have I seen any sort of difference?! All she cared about was selling me products and scheduling another useless peel.

She was not understanding that I was not happy, nor did she care. She is only concerned with ripping me off. She took a picture of me from her Ipad and compared it with the one taken before I had any sort of procedure done. The angle of which she took my “after” picture was completely different than the before picture. Obviously, the two pictures are not comparable.

And the fact that she purposely took the picture from a different angle only confirms my point that there had not been any kind of result.

At that point, I knew I would never visit this spa again, and there was no point in explaining this to Rada. Even after all of this, I gave the spa one more chance to redeem themselves by speaking directly to the owner, Patricia Lafrance.

She suggested that I change my pillowcase and spend more money on treatments and products for 6 months to see results.I am at a loss of words to truly describe how displeased I am with this place. I warn anyone who is thinking about visiting this place.

(248) 498-8100
85 East Big Beaver Rd Troy, MI, 48083