Complaint Against a Service United States

Spark, Inc.

Richard Davis from Spark Inc agency is dishonest and broke his contract. I entered into a salary agreement with him to be his creative director. He did not fill me in on clients, processes, or priorities, he told me he just needed help finishing two projects before he let me work with other clients (that made sence to me). In the meantime i worked on these projects…

1. Sales sheets for client products (consisting of 8 different product sheets)

2. Website for same client to link to shopify,

3. setup shopify for client,

4. design a complete website for another client.

All projects where completed to the satisfaction of the client (emails to prove clients were happy)

2 weeks go by, I’m working in good faith that I will be paid agreed upon amount. As soon as I request my 1st check, the problems begin.

I was not ever entered into the payroll, and Rich never returned a signed copy of our contract, he said we didnt have an official agreement, and wanted to change terms of our agreement from salary, to contract, he would dictate the hourly wage. I disagreed to these new terms, and Rich quickly said he was going to terminate my working with them.

He ended up signing an agreement to pay me as a contractor, I have a signed agreement by him, yet he dishonored the agreement and paid me as an employee, deducting almost 300.00 from the total even though he knew I was never entered into the company as a payroll employee.

As my 2 weeks where in question a period of February 24 – March 6th, I continued fixing and updating the projects in good faith, I worked an extra three days Saturday March 7, Sunday March 8th, and Monday March 9th. I was also hoping Rich would see this geture of good faith and not try to rip me off the next day Tuesday March 10th

. I was wrong, not only has he not paid the 300 he owes me, but he has called the police to threaten that I am cyberstalking him in an effort to deture me from filing a suite against him. If you are an artist considering working for this company please be careful and make sure to save all your communications. and beware.

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 9310 Old Kings Rd. S., Ste. 901
Phone 904.747.8360