china Complaint Against a Service

Sparkasse Bank / Sparkassen-Finanzportal / Transaction is being withheld without any explanation

I would like to express my utter disappointment with Sparkasse service and the level of their ethics. 
I’ve sent 2270 USD from Shanghai, China, via Alipay, to my younger sister who is a student residing in Graz, Austria. It’s been two weeks since I’ve sent the money and my sister still hasn’t received it. The bank confirmed that the money has been received but it is withholding it without any explanation. I’ve provided all of the documents the bank requested, after which I’ve been informed that the funds will be delivered to my sister. However, that was 5 days ago and the money is still withheld by the bank. Today we’ve called the bank again and we have been told: “to wait” without any other explanation! 
I’ve never heard anything similar to such a harassment treatment that we are getting from this bank. 
It’s humiliating and I’ve never expected such a horrible treatment from an Austrian bank! 
For shame!

Sparkasse Bank / Sparkassen-Finanzportal Customer Care Service

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