Complaint Against a Service

Spire Energy (formerly Alagasco) — Reconnecting service

On 1/7/2020 I missed my payment, the next morning I paid my past due.While I was out picking up the kids I come back the gas is off, after talking to customer service they said because it was not paid by 430 the previous day I had to pay the full balance, reconnect fee, and additional deposit. I wasn’t able to do that at the time so the next day which is today, I paid it all and asked since it’s cold and I have small children in the house with no heat or hot water could they turn it back on today.After I was told no, I asked could this be considered a emergency because of that and was told no that would not be considered an emergency. Now if I had a leak or outage they would come out the same day.My bill is paid in full now and we have to go another day without hot water or heat.That is ridiculous. Missed payment on the 7th and I’m cut off in less than 24hrs, but paid and I have to wait.Thank you, Marlon Simmons