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To whom it may concern,

I have been a costumer of Sprint for 6 years. The McArthur mall location in Norfolk, Virginia has greatly disappointed me.

I visited this location last night to trade in an old phone and get a new one. I was told to erase my iphone, and then shortly after they told me they didn’t have a phone for me in the safe. I was told to place an online order and that I wouldn’t be able to get a phone for an hour. After waiting for their safe to open, I asked to purchase a phone case separately. I picked out two cases, and ended up wanting to not purchase one of the two. Instead it was rang up together. Instead of the associate just refunding the phone case, they cancelled my entire purchase. I could tell the sale’s associate Tiara was getting very annoyed. Because of this they told me I wasn’t able to purchase the phone because it’s now considered open box. They tried to give me another phone but it wouldn’t go through on their system. This is already after being there for hours. We stayed until close, this was a major inconvenience because we had to walk entirely out of the way just to get to the parking garage. We were told to come in the next day (Saturday 1/12/19).

I called Saturday morning to confirm that they would be able to fix it, they said yes. In fact, they told me it would be an easy fix if i could come in instead of talking over the phone. I came at 11am. They tried to fix it, and the associate said that there was nothing they could do, and that I would have to wait for the manager. I even asked if I could possibly go to a different sprint so I didn’t have to wait any longer, and I was told that my Iphone x was already in their inventory so that wasn’t possible. They told me the manager would be there at 2:30pm. I arrived back at the store at 2:15pm, the manager didn’t  show up until 3:30pm.

While the manager, Juan, did fix my problem, he didn’t seem concerned about the fact it took 6 hours to rectify this situation. He didn’t apologize. While he did wave the $30 activation fee, I am still not satisfied. The associate explained to me before the  manager came that he would give me instore credit and that he was really good at costumer service.

I assume that Sprint does multiple trade ins a day, and I assume that it’s a pretty basic request. I don’t think it should take 6 hours to complete this task.

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