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Sprint / edge 7

sprint has not unlocked my phone yet. I first called 12/21/18 and yet you guys have not unlocked my phone. I have 3 emails showing that the phone was unlocked. Every time I call I get 72 hours.

Its been 2 weeks. I’m calling my lawyer. I have spoken to a serida in complaints. Also sent an email to… I’ve called every day 2x a day.

Every one has stated the phone is paid off the account balance is . I have been lied to numerous times. How would you feel if you paid off an item and you cant have it. This is unfair something needs to be done.

Christmas has passed already and I am unable to turn this phone on for my daughter. Sprint is a bunch of liars and thieves. You guys have caused me nothing but time and money wasted. I have all my emails and times ive called. God willing I will sue you!!!

Sprint Customer Service
PO Box 4191
Carol Stream, IL
United States – 60197-4191
+1 888 211 4727