Complaint Against a Service United States

Sprott Money Ltd.

Don’t do business with these people. They stole from me 0.23 BTC which at this time were worth around CA$2300.

I made the stupid decision to trust “The Most Trusted Name In Precious Metals”, which to some extend is my mistake because it turns out it should be the “Most Untrusted Name”.

On March 12, 2020 I decided to purchase 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf coin using bitcoins I had at this time. Following the instructions from their site and from my previous experience with bitcoin transactions I deposited CA$50 as they requested to lock the price and then the site asked me to transfer the bitcoins. I scanned the code and approximately 0.23 bitcoins when trough.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 130 Queens Quay East Suite 1224
Phone 1-888-861-0775