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Spruce Finance

Originally purchased solar lease agreement through Sungevity 7 years ago. Contract stated that they would supply inspection/service as part of lease. Encountered issues with system within first year. Contacted Sungevity who said they would send out a repair man but never did. A neighbor noticed some faulty wiring which thought could be contributing to intermittent power issues, which we reported to Sungevity. Again, received no response or help. Ended up hiring outside solar company for repairs.

A few years later Sungevity declared bankruptcy, transferred to Omidian (Short Hills Servicing). Address PO Box 4387, Portland, OR 97208. Contact: Mark We started the process again with Omidian to notify them of issues. They told me they would help send out a repair man but never did. When I called, they told me that the system was over-producing at 102% production. I asked for them to send me a hard copy of that production report as we’ve never gotten monitoring to work. They never did. I asked to talk to a manager. I was never provided a name or connected.

On April 6, 2020, the solar lease was moved to Spruce Financial, aka Kilowatt Financial, aka Tredegar Solar Fun, LLC). (Note, this group manages a hedge fund.) We NO LONGER have an account number, instead they have issued a NEW AGREEMENT. I again reached out to them and request help to replace the faulty system. No one answers the phone. I’ve sent 9 emails over last 90 days. Technical support and the accounting dept again emailed me that my system is overproducing, which we we know is not true. I am UNDERWHELMED with service support and more importantly, believe I was LIED TO ABOUT THE SOLAR LEASE/SERVICE TERMS. In simple terms, this is FRAUD as these companies knowingly set up agreements with customers WITH NO INTENTION OF PROVIDING FUNCTIONING SOLAR SYSTEMS OR SERVICE FOR THE TERMS OF THE LEASE.


On April 10, 2020 I placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in CA and TX. The complaint ID assigned is 14451949. I still have received no reply from the company. On July 2nd, I placed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The complaint ID is 120133229. In September 2020, I placed a complaint with CA Governor’s office. In November, 202 I placed a complaint with Public Utilties Commission. All of them have told me that my complaint does not fall under their jurisdiction. I believe it’s time to find a lawyer.

My desired outcome is to terminate the relationship with Kilowatt Financial (or whoever they are) WITHOUT FURTHER PAYMENT OR PENALTY TO ME and to initiate solar service with local (trusted) provider.

If you are aware of lawyer starting or in the midst of a law suit, please send them my name at

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