Complaint Against a Service

Oman Air / staff and crew

I flew with Oman air a month ago from London to Thailand, the first leg (London to Oman) was fine but from Oman to Thailand I was sexually harassed by another passenger and touched on the flight. I went to the back of the plane to seek help from the crew and all they had to say was that they knew the men involved were drunk when they got on the plane. But this didn’t stop the crew from serving them huge amounts of alcohol throughout the flight, which made the harassment worse. I asked to move seats to get away but they didn’t respond to me and I was left in that situation. After the flight I went straight to the check in desk for Oman air and they said I needed a police report to make a complaint which I got and it’s now been 1 month and I’ve had no replies from my several emails sent and I cant get through to speak to any one on any of the numbers available to me.