Canada Complaint Against a Service

Tim Hortons / Tims Rewards, staff mistakes, arguing

So I went and got a coffee with espresso from this location. I went to the drive thru window scanned my loyalty card which was noe at 7 of 7, paid for the drink I ordered but was handed something else. At the time I wasnt paying attention and assumed it was what I ordered . I get twenty minutes away, open the lid and immediately realize I was given a tea instead.

Now I’m kind of irritated questioning whether or not to go back and switch it. If the tea were to have had a little sugar I probably would have just sucked it up and drunk it. So I say the hell with it and drive the twenty or so minutes back.

When I get there I drive up to the intercom and politely say “excuse me but I went through earlier and was given the wrong drink.” The person on the other end then says ” yes the window girl asked you if you ordered the tea and you said yes, I guess we will give you your coffee, it’s sitting here just throw that one out.” (Writing it doesn’t give you a good picture, trust me he had a rude condescending tone.)

So I get to the window and take my Luke warm coffee and drive away.

A couple hours later I pick up my Girlfriend from work. She says she wants a coffee. I tell her the whole story on the way there, claiming I am about to never visit this location again but also staying it would suck if it came to that because it’s so close to my house. So I go through the drive through. At this point I had a twist for tea, so I ordered one.

The same girl was working at the window.

Praying that the earlier incident was behind me (because I shy away from altercation) I approached calmly to the window, scanned my card which said I got a free one, expected the price to be lower but the girl didn’t take the amount off. WhIle handing her the money to pay (flabbergasted) I asked “I’m pretty sure I got a free drink that time”?

She took my money and said “yes you did but it’s paying for the mistake you made earlier!”

She handed me my change and said with a smile “somebody has to pay for it! Have a great day!”

Never going back, and super disapointed.

Tim Hortons Customer Care Service

874 Sinclair Rd
Oakville, ON
Canada – L6K2Y1+1 905 845 6511