Complaint Against a Service

Stanford Health Care

A wrong insurance information was entered into my profile. I never use United Health Care Provider. I don’t understand why it was in my record and the billing office sent me a bill of $959.50 due to the insurance company did not pay for it.

I paid the bill without checking the details of the claim. Today I just found out I am not responsible for the charges because they did not bill to the correct insurance company. Both the doctor’s office and the billing department said that this is what they have in their system.

I want to have my money back and they said the bill is too old to be reimbursed. It’s SHC mistake to have a wrong insurance information. I never provide UHC information to them because I don’t use UHC and I don’t have UHC insurance card.

I am so upset they don’t own their mistake and blame on me for not calling them to discuss this earlier. Especially the billing representative called Michelle and she was impatient and rude. I asked for her last name and she said she cannot tell me.

I also requested her to give me the UHC phone number so I can call them to find out the details and she did not provide me the phone number. I made a second call and talked to another representative and he provided me the number. He was more friendly and professional.

SHC service is horrible. My daughter had requested the medical records sent to her referral specialist in order to see her specialist.

For months she still not able to see her hematologist because they did not get her medical records. Their DB system suck.

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300 Pasteur Drive Palo Alto California United States – 94304-5547