Complaint Against a Service United States

Stanford Loan Service LLC

Milton Paul Gallow, the CEO of Stanford Loan Service LLC signed the personal loan with me and required me to pay $1000 for the fee to get the loan amount of $100,000. I got to this personal loan with him because I’m tried to test the process to see if they are real and can deliver the loan. This person after received my $1000, came up with a new story about the insurance of the loan. He said he is sorry that he forget to let me know about this insurance and I have to pay another $3,500 for the insurance then I will receive the loan amount. After some days, he came back to me to said that now he will not require the Insurance but asking to have my email password to do some verify. I was stupid to agree with that and in 5mins, this guy logged into my Linkedin ID, changed my email address there to his email somebodymood150@gmail.comĀ and changed my phone number to his phone number: +1 (623) 226-6587 This guy also steals my Instagram.

I post this case here to make sure this person can’t scam people again. Please be careful with this person and his company. I put here his website and his LinkedIn. But I saw this person closed his ID in LinkedIn already. I also report his case with LinkedIn so they can watch this guy on any new action.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 11024 N. 28th Dr., Ste. 200
Phone 1 623 226 6587